Bone sarcoma

What is a bone sarcoma?

A bone sarcoma is a rare type of cancer that forms as a painful lump in bone. Bone sarcoma can affect any bone in your body but most is commonly it’s found in the legs.

Source – Sarcoma UK.


Causes of bone sarcoma

It’s not clear what causes the majority of bone cancers. A very small number, however, start from abnormal areas within bone which in themselves are not cancerous but because the cells are not normal they can slowly develop into cancers over time.

Bone sarcoma

Conditions such as:

  • Paget’s disease of bone,
  • Fibrous dysplasia,
  • Multiple enchondromas

Can all be associated with sarcomas. Occasionally, patients who have received radiotherapy to a part of the body may also develop bone cancer in the same region.

An extremely uncommon cause of bone sarcoma is hereditary where an abnormality in a parent’s gene may increase the risk of his/her children developing sarcoma in later life. In this very special condition (Li-Fraumeni syndrome) several relatives or parents of a person may have multiple tumours including bone sarcoma. A person with a history of many cancers should be advised of the possibility that they may carry an abnormal gene that may increase the risk of bone sarcoma in future generations.